For the Bride

 The journey of finding your wedding dress should match who you are. It shouldn’t feel like pressure. It should be fun, relaxed, full of options of styles, sizes and prices. Focused on who you are and on enjoying the special moments with the ones you love. Full of laughter (and maybe even tears), unhurried, and full of surprises that make you smile.


It should be like writing the most beautiful love story of all time.

And truly, that is what you are doing. Your story is being written, and you are holding the pen. We will be one of the special characters in your story. We’re here to create life memories!


These beautiful gowns are one-of -a kind gowns that have been designed just for Bridal Elegance Bride’s! Not all dresses from their collections will be available to try-on.  We do have a loaner program if you are interested in a gown that we do not currently have in our boutique. 




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